Tuesday, August 30, 2011

30 Days About Me Day 29

30 Days About Me
Day 29: Your support System

Of course I have to put Jesus down as my main support system. I would love to say that I ALWAYS lean on Him through everything, but that would be lying. However, even through my imperfections He is ALWAYS there to lift me back up. Isn't that amazing? He loves me even though I forget Him too often.

My husband is very supportive on almost everything. I say almost because he has to remind me I can't do everything alone and I also can't control every situation. He is there to listen to me rant and cry even though I know he does not always enjoy it. He is a tell you like it is kind of person, which is hard to hear most times. God gave me a great mate because even though I don't like hearing to hard truth, it's exactly what this kind of girl needs :)

My best friend is also a great supporter because she plays "devil's advocate", kind of like my husband. We call it "God's Advocate" instead because we think that's who's really the one advocating!!!

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