Friday, July 30, 2010

Monday, July 12, 2010


We decided a few weeks ago to go back to our "old" church. The reasons we stopped going 2 years ago were very selfish and REALLY dumb.... Not going to go into detail because it's pretty embarrassing now.

After we left the "old" pastor had an opportunity to go somewhere else so for awhile the church didn't have a pastor. Now they do! He came to visit us a few times just to talk at our house. Never pushy, never asked why just always invited us to come out. We decided to try it out again. We LOVED it there before.

We have been going here and there with friends/with people who have invited us. It never felt like home to Chris and I. There are so many excuses why we could never settle anywhere..... Again embarrassing to publish. We would try to compromise on things we wanted out of church and my husband's firm on HYMNS. He does not like contemporary christian music. PERIOD. That is a deal breaker for him. Doesn't matter what the pastor is like or etc. His other deal breaker is that the bible of choice is the KJV. There are many many more, but those are the 2 "BIG" ones for him. So to make a long story short why were we looking for a different church when Ormas was the one all along? It had/is everything we want/need.

You would have thought we never left because EVERYONE welcomed us back with VERY OPEN ARMS! I never realized the weight I was carrying through this "sabbatical." I feel free now. Like nothing can bring me down. Funny how God works like that. The problem is solved!

The pastor is really great. He has a wonderful sense of humor, but also serious and to the point. He brings life into the bible that really makes sense to me. I feel like he knows everything I want to ask/say and answers them in a way that makes me think the sermons are for me. Chris feels the same way. The girls love it and are looking forward to Sundays again. That I am thankful for.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Handy List

This an exhaustive list on all the frugal sites Better Homes And Gardens made up in their last issue. Figured if you didn't or don't read the magazine this may come in handy.

Coupons and Discounts

Home Furnishings

Budget Decorating

Garden Tools

Picnic Essentials

Beauty Basics

Now for the record I have not looked at all these sites myself, but it may be helpful for my readers so remember this post for future reference!

Wednesday, June 30, 2010


A friend of mine told me the other day that I should really start blogging again. It seems there isn't enough time in my day for that anymore, but here I am attempting to fulfill her wish...or rather request....

This friend of mine I believe said she wanted me to blog about the books I am reading. It could have been my idea too I honestly don't remember now. If you know me, or know me well I read all the time. So if I have time to read I have time to blog right?

I am currently reading Anne of Green Gables. I am sure a many of you have read this before, but I haven't. I know about it of course, but never actually read it. I am about a quarter of the way through and I am amazed at how much I love it. Can we all just go back to when things (life) was simple. No TV, Internet, etc..... I think I would really enjoy myself. I know the modern conveniences are quite nice and all, and people worked so much harder back then, which in turn I believe they loved more. It could be just me and my own crazy imagination. I think I am a lot like Anne actually. My imagination runs wild. I am not even half as outspoken as her though. If you have ever read the book you know that Anne thinks up things to suit her situation when it's not so pleasing. I DO THAT! She pays attention to ALL the little details of everything around her. You may not know it but I do that too. I can relate to her personality so much, although I hardly remember what I was like at 11, I believe it was a little like her.