Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Reasons For Belief

Reasons For Belief by Norman L. Geisler and Patty Tunnicliffe

I wouldn't go off and say this was a terrible book.  It wasn't terrible in the sense of bad writing or the authors didn't do their homework first, all that was great.  This is just a good book for someone who hasn't read ánything by an apologetic before. Or for that matter is possibly beginning their journey and want to get the basics down before they dive into deeper richer content.  This is one of many you could pick from, and I just don't think this one would be exactly it.
I was given this book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for an honest review.

A Noble Groom

A Noble Groom by Jody Hedlund

Having a paternal great-grandmother as an immigrant from Germany I was really excited to read this book.  Since she is long since passed I wasn't old enough to know to ask her questions about what life was like back then.  This historical novel gives you a very clear picture of the hardships those immigrants faced coming to America.  More than that it makes living now not seem quite so difficult.  The book of course has an amazing love story that you wouldn't want to miss!
I was given this book from Bethany House Publishers in exchange for an honest review.

Firefly Island

Firefly Island by Lisa Wingate

Here is another great read by Lisa Wingate!  I have read all of her novels set in Moses Lake and some of the characters make it into each of them.  It is a nice change with this one because the girl finds her love in the beginning! The rest of the story is about making a life together in a new town hundreds of miles from friends and family.  Moses Lake has secrets and scandals and Mallory can't help but bring them to the surface.  You wont be disappointed!

Bethany House sent me this book in return for an honest review.  All opinions are my own :)