Monday, June 20, 2011

A Mother's Heart Chapter 6

Chapter 6
Getting In Step With God

1. What is the most delightful thing about your child?

2. Choose three words which describe your child.

3. Pray through the section of this chapter titled Prayer and Planning for Mothers to Acknowledge, Admit, accept, Affirm, and Ally yourself with God. What did you learn about yourself from this exercise?

4. Do Spiritual Inventory of your child.

Now you are really thinking you have to get the book huh?!?!?!

A Mother's Heart
Jean Fleming

A Mother's Heart Chapter 5

A Mother's Heart
Chapter 5
God's Part, My Part

1. In what ways are you growing in your understanding that your child is from God and for His purposes?

2. In 2 Kings 3:16-20 the armies dug ditches and God sent more water to fill them. The more ditches they dug the more water could be captured for their use. List 5 ditches you might dig in your children's lives?

3. Our part is "our very best mothering-done in faith." What does this mean to you?

4. What are the things only God can do in our children's lives?

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

To Win Her Heart

To Win Her Heart
By Karen Whitemeyer

This was my first Historical Fiction book. I had always been a little nervous that I wouldn's be able to relate to the characters. I was wrong! No matter what era we live in we all have the same struggles.

Levi with his self-confidence and Eden with her broken heart make a great like real life story of two people meant to "fix" each other. They compliment each other so much you have to read it fast so you can find out if they ever "find" each other!

To Win Her Heart is beautifully written in a time when things were simple with no hustle and bustle of our modern ways. Wonderful scripture throught the book, reminding us of letting go and letting God.

This book was sent to me compliment of Bethany House Publishers for a honest review. All opinions expressed are my own.

Monday, June 13, 2011

A Mother's Heart Chapter 4

A Mother's Heart
Chapter 4
Start With Yourself

A little commentary before the questions:
This was an amazing chapter about YOU. How can we possibly dicipline our children for whatever reason when we aren't being good examples?

"God wants mothers to influence the children in our homes by our example as well as our words. In our desire to have a positive impact on our children, we must remember the essential order - first do and then teach."

1. Why do you think God wants mothers to "start with themselves?"

2. What do you see in yourself that you don't want to pass on to your children and grandchildren?

3. In what ways does God help us become more like Jesus Christ?

4. What is the one thing you might do this week to become more the woman Gods wants you to become and more the mother you want to become?

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Mother's Heart #3

A Mother's Heart
Chapter 3
What Values Are Really Important?

1. The Bible gives us knowledge of what God values. What creative ideas do you have to make Bible reading a part of your busy life so that you can learn to value what God values?

2. What five areas in your life do you want to succeed in?

3. What times this past week do you think your child would consider quality time with you?

4. What areas of instant satification threaten to keep you from living by what God says is important?

A Mother's Heart #2

A Mother's Heart
Chapter 2
A Vision For The Task

1. Look to the future. Twenty years from now what will you wish you had done today? What are you doing today that will you give you peace twenty years from now?

2. If you made a list of three things you'd like to do differently, what would you include?

3. Reread Jowett's words on "Needless Regrets" and in prayer offer your regrets to God. Ask Him to set things straight, to bring healing, etc.
(going to have to buy the book now huh?..LOL)

4. Of the following, choose one and write out a specific plan for each action:
a. Teach my children what is good
b. Enrich their lives with beauty
c. Train them in obedience and respect
d. Stimulate their interests
e. Encourage them to attempt new things
f. Pray for them

A Mother's Heart

I was shopping at Goodwill the other day and I came across this book called A Mother's Heart by Jean Fleming. I am only to Chapter 4 and I really think this is the book for Mama's to top them all (at least so far). I was published a long time ago and then revised in the 90's. I am very surprised I have never heard of it before now. I was thinking I would do a chapter by chapter review as a series, but I don't think that would help. There are questions at the end of each chapter and they are really deep. As I try to be a more consistant person I am going to attempt to blog the question for reflection as soon as I am done with the chapter..... Here goes:

Chapter 1 A Call To Mother's

1. As you consider your calling as a mother, how do you define your job description?

2. You do not mother in a war-torn land or in a covered wagon, but you none the less face specific difficulties. As a mother what challenges do you face?

3. What qualities do an "all there" mother and a "good shepherd" have in common?

4. In light of your reflections, what decision might make to be more the mother you want to be?

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