Friday, August 19, 2011

30 Days About Me Day 18

30 Days About Me

Day 18 All About Weddings
Share Our Wedding Or One We Dream Of!

I loved my wedding! It was low key, low budget and the end result was me and the love of my life were married!!!!

So here is the story: My husband was saved the summer of 2006 at trucking school. He thought he wanted to be a truck driver, so he spent $6,000 to go to trucking school. He met an amazing man there who was a preacher. My husband spent his time talking with the preacher about all things God. After it was all over he found the Lord. He comes home and tells me everything and see I didn't believe in God at all... I was just blowing him off. My husband decides we need to go to this small town in Michigan and I needed to meet this preacher man and his family. Well long story short and lots of crying I got saved in that small town! That was September 1, 2006. We go home and decide we needed to be married. I already had a 3 year old and together we had a 1 year old and we had been together 2 years. We planned our wedding day for January 1, 2007. We were dirt poor and livin' on love and ramen, I didn't know how we'd afford a wedding. We live in a small town too and the gezebo at our court house is free to use at anytime. So that's what we did, outside in January with maybe 20 guests. I got my dress at Macy's with coupons. We were not planning to have a reception because we couldn't afford it, but my best friend and her mom threw us one! They home cooked and baked everything! It was amazing all the people who pulled together to give us a day to remember. We still haven't went on a honeymoon, but someday I dream we will. And that preacher man... He married us ;)
My husband was a truckdriver for less than 6 months because he couldn't stand being away from his family! So the running joke is we paid $6,000 to get saved! ;) I firmly believe the Lord has a sense of humor!


Mrs.B said...

Aww, that made me cry, Ben and I joke that we spent 6000 to meet you all and get to see you come to know the Lord. And it was worth every penny!!!!

Your wedding is the most talked about wedding in our family :)

Donna said...

What a BEAUTIFUL story! And you and your dress was gorgeous!

Stopping by via 30 Days...

Chelsea said...

Amazing story! I cannot believe you were waering that dress outside in January (beautiful by the way)!!! How you could say your vows through teeth chattering is beyond me :)

Toni said...

This story made my eyes well up with tears it's absolutely beautiful, the whole entire story is just perfect! And your dress (with or without coupons LOL) is beautiful!