Friday, August 12, 2011

30 Days About Me Day 11

30 Days About Me

Day 11: Favorite Band/Artist

Ahhh why are these so stinkin' hard? I could never ever choose just one...ever!

I like some contemporary christian which is a new development.
I like bands like Muse and Black Keys while I'm alone because my husband and the girls just don't enjoy it at all :)
I like some country which I totally blame my husband and girls for because that is what they like... Taylor Swift obviously for my girls ;)
I don't like rap AT ALL EVER...
I enjoy listening to the oldies my parents tormented me with when I was young...AKA 80's love/rock
I love hymns too.

I know very strange combination...but as you get to know me I march to the beat of my own drum...which usually means no one else is marching with me! LOL

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Becca said...

Taylor Swift is amazing! I also love how much better her voice has gotten from when she started until now.