Friday, August 26, 2011

30 days About Me Day 25

30 Days About Me

Day 25 Best Friends

Jana (amber's mom), Amber and Me

My best friend Amber has been in my life since we were 11. I started 6th grade in a school that didn't feed in from my elementary school. I knew going that first day that I would not know a single person. I can vividly remember how nervous I was walking in that first day. I got to my first class and it was science. There was only one empty spot left next to Amber. I asked her if it was ok that I sat there, she said she didn't mind. The rest is history! We have been best of friends since. It was like love at first sight...BAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA ;) We have had some serious ups and and extremely serious downs, but in the end she was and is always there when I need her. Way more than I ever am for her :( I am the selfish friend and she is the giving friend, I am the passive one and she is the out spoken one.

My husband is also my best friend. I think he is just amazing. I am so blessed that he chose to marry me (not that there was any competition ;) He is such a great leader for our family. He is funny, outspoken, a great Daddy and a lover of Jesus!

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