Thursday, August 18, 2011

30 Days About Me Day 17

30 Days About Me

Day 17 What Are You Insecure About/What Are You Proud Of?

This may seem repetitious for fellow 30 Days About Me readers, but I am insecure about my weight! I wonder how many of us are going to say this today? Sigh... I know it's silly and from reading Toni's today I was shocked she felt insecure about being 123lbs. I WOULD LOVE TO WEIGH 123lbs!! In my mind I think WOW seriously you really are insecure about that?!?! Sigh again...Honestly though I get it. I TOTALLY get it. I was that weight before I had my three girls. I thought I was so FAT then. I hated looking in the mirror because it wasn't good enough. Now I am 25lbs heavier! I feel the same way still... Is it ever good enough? Is any woman truly happy with the way she looks? I have friends who say to me "I wish I was as small as you." Isn't that a smack in the face? It just proves once again that we are our own worst critics! Does anyone look at Toni and say wow she's fat? NO WAY! Does anyone look at me and say wow butter ball you sure could lose a few..? No probably not. We don't judge the girls bigger than us, I think we judge the ones smaller than us out of pure jealously! Isn't that sad?! This post may seem harsh and I mean no disrespect to anyone. We are all there or have been here at one time or another in our life. I just needed to say all of this mainly for myself. Being insecure about weight stinks. :)

Here is the positive part of this post!!! I am proud of my new life in Christ! I am so incredibly thankful for what He did for me. The beatings, the crown of thorns, the nails... All thoses horrible things happened to Him so we could have a chance at Heaven. Isn't that amazing? That is some kind of LOVE! A love we could never imagine because we are selfish people. But isn't that the reason why He did it? I think so :) The proud part is that I was open minded/hearted enough to accept His gift five years ago in a small town in Michigan! That is something to be proud of!!


Mrs.B said...

It sure is small town!!

So proud of you.

Love your blog, so glad to find it again!!

In HIS Keeping,

Becca said...

I wrote about my weight today like so many others. I don't like my weight...but I am not too motivated to do anything about it. Sigh!