Tuesday, August 16, 2011

30 Days About Me Day 15

30 Days About Me

Day 15 Describe/Show Your Dream Home

Well I will have to say this is my FAVORITE day so far! I am such a dreamer... My imagination runs wild all the time!

To begin I want a farm house! I really big old-fashioned farm house or one of those plantation houses in the south. I want at least 10 acres with 5 of thoses wooded. It will have to have a wrap around porch no exceptions on that one! I want 5 bedrooms (one for each of my girls, one for Chris and I and one to use as a library with couches and no technology allowed). I want a living room, dining room, and a sitting room with the original woodwork. I want a big kitchen with an island so my family can chat with me while I cook. I want hardwood floors (not laminate actual wood planks) throughout the house except in the bedrooms. I would love to have a master bathroom with a stand up shower for 2 ;) and a huge garden tub to relax in!
I think these are very close to what I was thinking in my head....

As for the outside, I want a 1/2 acre - 1 acre garden. I want a mini seperate garden for wild flowers to grow at random. In the woods I want trails for 4-wheelers because well we LOVE 4-wheeling! Big over sized rocking chairs on the porch where we can sit and sip sweet tea and lemonade! AHH doesn't that just sound amazing!?!?!??!?!


Kerry said...

aaaah sounds divine!! I'm with you on the wrap-around porch, its a must-have!

kerry via 30 Days x

lisa.j.p said...

farm house...oh the beauty! great taste :]

Alicia said...

Sounds amazing! I think your idea with the library is a perfect one- I know I'd be in there a lot of the time. Love it and the porch too.

Becca said...

What a cool porch! There is nothing like that in my town!