Thursday, August 25, 2011

30 Days About Me Day 24

30 Days About Me
Day 24 Where You Live

I live in Columbia City, Indiana, a small town in northeast Indiana. I had to look up the population which is 8,750. It covers 5.21 sq miles....Like you really wanted to know that huh!?!? LOL

We have a Walmart, Kroger, fast food, a few hole in the wall restuarants. We have a hospital and a movie theater and that's about it. We do have a great park! Oh and we can't forget a hair salon on every corner :)

I grew up in Fort Wayne, Indiana and moved to CC 7 years ago. I will never ever move back to the "city" ever! I love it here, very freindly and very simple. We are 20 minutes from the orthopedic capital of the world (Warsaw) so great jobs are not that far away :)


Emily said...

My community covers .4 square miles, I had to look it up after you wrote that you were in a small town! To me, it sounds as if you live in a metropolis! The park looks like such fun.

Emily from Nap Time Is My Time

lisa.j.p said...

i agree...i'm never moving back to the city either! having some space is great! :]

Martha in PA said...

Thanks for sharing!

Mom on Caffeine