Sunday, August 30, 2009


We have been wanting to move out to the country for awhile. We are NOT in the position to buy a house due to poor choices in the past.(We are working on it though) I really want a garden, I want a clothes line, I want quiet. I want my girls to be able to run free without me worrying what the neighbor kids are talking about. I want a Homestead. But, we have to rent for the time being. There is a house exactly perfect for our needs for rent about 4 miles out of town! PERFECT...I already said that I know. Downside...It's just about 100-150 over monthly what we can afford. UGH! God knows best though. He ALWAYS does. If it's meant for us there will be a way. If we wait and be patient for our Lord's time this may come out to be not so perfect and something better is waiting for us in the future. I need to keep telling myself that....PRAY PRAY PRAY

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Anonymous said...

This is true! Praying is the answer. SOMETHING will come up, if you are faithful, like we talked about! Love ya!