Tuesday, July 26, 2011


I have decided to delete my Facebook account. Does that make me weird? Probably...

I really wasn't going to tell of my reasons for deleting it, but I kinda just want to get it out. DRAMA I can't stand it anymore. It's not about my wonderful friends who are going through rough patches and use their status to share a little, or my friends who like to mention their problems so we can remember to pray for them. It's the drama that gets spread around. The hurtful words, the snide remarks, the he said she said stuff that just starts trouble. I am by no means saying that everyone should delete their account or am I trying to convince you what I think is the way you should think. I wish Facebook could be used for positive only stuff, but it just brings me down a little. When me and my husband lay in bed at night and talk it's never about us or our girls anymore, it's about what is going on with everyone else. Not that that is bad or anything. I think we need to take a step back and focus on US.

I am so intrigued by people who live simply. Those of you who know me personally know that I am pretty simple. I can't live simply when I have a lap top and Facebook easily accessable. Sure I could limit myself to once a week, but I know that just isn't possible for me. I have no will power.

So, not saying I won't ever re-instate my account, but for now this is the choice I have made for myself. AHHHH so Facebook will be gone on Friday. Just so you know....This will be VERY VERY hard for me... I love Facebook and lets face it...I'm a girl, I like to chit chat :)

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