Tuesday, May 31, 2011

I'm Not Perfect....

I was writing a message to a new friend today when a revelation came to me... Before I proceed I am no prophet or theologian...obviously! I do not in no way claim to know anything about anything nor am I PERFECT. So there it is. That is my absolute point. I am so un-perfect! Is that even a word? I was writing a message to this new friend and I started babbling about how refreshing it was to read her blog because she blogs about "real" things. "REAL" meaning her struggles and such. I seem to relate to everything she writes about. I get so frustrated reading all the other WONDERFUL blogs and about their seeming WONDERFUL PERFECT lives, and feel like I'll never measure up... but who's measuring? Me of course! And I thought Jesus! So I am here now sitting at my laptop humbled. Humbled because I NEVER EVER will measure up to these other women because I'm not supposed to. I was made by our Creator as a separate woman. I have a mind, body and soul that is different from everyone else. I was made into who I am and I decide on what I do with that. He did give us free will! So instead of being frustrated about these other beautiful, amazing, talented women, I need to search the Scriptures and be who I was made to be in the best possible way I can on this earth! HOW REFRESHING! I can (with lots of prayer) let go and be me! So I am going to list what I need to work on for accountability purposes and hopefully I can start a blog series with other bloggers on this same topic. Let's be the women the Lord called us to be, not what we or the world thinks we should be!!!

My Flaws (according to me)

1. I want to Homeschool my girls. (I'm scared to start/nervous/apprehensive)
2. I procrastinate
3. I have un-diagnosed OCD (when it come to cleaning my house)
4. Being a wife (whole other topic/too mush to list here)
5. Selfish (who isn't)
6. Quick to give advice, not quick to listen to it....
7. I Watch too much TV/Technology (or I let it baby-sit)
8. I don't pray enough and it's usually selfish anyway
9. I don't read the Bible enough or memorize it or apply it....
10.CONSISTANCY (everything could be summed up into this one HUGE flaw!)

There it is. I have aired my dirty laundry on the internet for the whole world to see!

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Angela said...

And now that you have 'aired' your dirty laundry, watch in amazement at how our Father God will do such a fine job making it even 'whiter than snow'...For the good work that He has started in you precious one, He WILL complete in Christ Jesus.

When we get our eyes off of Christ and onto others, we begin comparing, and begin seeing how we are not 'measuring up'...Are they the 'ruler stick" for our lives? Yes, we find encouragement, inspiration, etc.but when we begin to feel condemned, unworthy, never 'good enough'...that is totally not from God...

He desires to make us who He created us to be..not to be what the other person is...

He wants us to shine for Him and with the talents He has given us.

I struggled for a long time trying to be someone else...like those other bloggers, or the writer, or the bible study teacher...or the quiet lady..hellooo people! I am NOT a quiet person..lol. God DID not make me that way...He made me to have a quiet spirit yes, but a quiet voice..no sir eeee bob! lol...I'm learning to be who He created me to be...He must increase, I must decrease. John 3:30. More of Christ, less of me, my will, my wants, my way.